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Merging Lidar and Simultaneous images

With Lidar data collected simultaneously with camera images on a drone.No GCPs. What is procedure to merge Images with Lidar to create a textured .obj file? Or does this need to be done photogrammetrically? If the Lidar and images are captured simultaneously can they not be “automatically” merged given flight, camera, sensor characteristics? All images captured looking vertical down. Lidar with a rotating sensor.

LiDAR and photogrammetry can be combined but it isn’t like you are thinking.

You have to treat them as independent data sets and combine their point clouds after processing…but how to make a mesh, well I never tried that since a mesh just losses accuracy.

In the end the technology exists to combine LiDAR and photogrammetry together (if you want LiDAR colored then get a better sensor that also takes pictures) but it is far from “automatic”. has a sample cell tower with the combined data sets producing an as-built 3D BIM model.

Is there made any progress on this for Pix4d on how to combine Lidar points with images to make 3D mesh?

For now, it is not possible to combine the LiDAR data with the image to make 3D mesh using the Pix4Dmapper software.