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Using point cloud from laserscan to improve 3D texture mesh

Just as the title says, when are you gone implement this?
Several other programs have this feature, ex:

Hi Asrer,

Happy New Year!

In Pix4Dmapper, it is possible to import an external point cloud (e.g. from laser scanning). After importing it, the software will generate the outputs pertaining to the step 3 (DSM, orthomosaic etc.).
Indeed, the imported point cloud can only be visualized in the rayCloud, but the fusion with a photogrammetric point cloud is currently on our roadmap. I will not add a spoiler here, but please check out our latest updates regarding new and upcoming products which might cover your needs better:

You can also combine the photogrammetric and LiDAR point clouds using the free software CloudCompare.


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Happy new year!

I can’t find any talk about fusion of photogrammetric MESH and lidar Point cloud, or any roadmap or news from

I’v tried cloudcompare before, didn’t get it to work. Gone give it one more try

Hello again,

I would advise checking this link from time to time, as we have some new products on the roadmap :slight_smile: At the moment, we have indeed no new product that covers this functionality, but rest assured that Pix4D is constantly working on adding new tools that will improve the processing and analysis of 3D data.

Thank you for your understanding.


Crossing fingers that combining laser scan with 3d mesh model based on photos will come with next release of Pix4d. I’m looking at other software like Agisoft that has this feature, and I’m not sure we will pay for 2 programs as our licenses goes out next month. When is next version of Pix4d out?

Hi Asrer,

I totally understand that you have additional needs or expectations in terms of 3D modeling, but I am afraid I cannot publicly share the internal plans of our Pix4D-ers. As mentioned, I would recommend checking our official website, where we update the list with the latest products.

I also noticed that you are very active on our community forum. Your feature suggestions will have more weight if you take part in our voting system and collect more votes from other users.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Go to the category Feature Request/Suggestions.
  2. Log in or create an account, if you don’t have a Pix4D account yet.
  3. Look for the feature you are interested in. Someone else might have already asked for it. If such request doesn’t exist, create it as a new topic.
  4. Vote for it.
  5. Done, your vote is counted!
  6. You can manage, follow-up or even remove your vote(s) if you change your mind.