help choose best PIX4D software or service

Does Pix4D have any software or service that can patch/fabricate different Types of LiDAR Systems (Terrestrial, Mobile, Static, Topographic, and Bathymetric LiDAR) output to create one extensive dataset?

Hi ,

Have you tried out PIX4Dsurvey? With it you can bring in photogrammetry projects from Pix4D and/or point clouds from other sources like what you list. At the moment that means .las or .laz. All the inputs can be worked with independently or together, and are merged on outputs. Is that what you need?


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Hello Nate,

Thank You for your response! :smile:
I haven’t tried any of the PIX4D software however, I want to explore one which will help me the most.
As per your comment, PIX4DSurvey seems the right choice.
Do you have any video or something where you guys have shown how to use PIX4DSurvey to merge points clouds gathered from different Types of LiDAR Systems (Terrestrial, Mobile, Backpack, Static, Topographic, and Bathymetric LiDAR)?

If Yes, is it possible/feasible for you to share the same with me?

Hello ,

Here you can find all the tutorial videos for PIX4Dsurvey:

For combining different pointclouds or for information regarding the automatic registration of imported data please have a look at the following articles:

You can download and install PIX4Dsurvey from the following link:

I hope you find it helpful.


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