Merging 3 projects fail, output coordinate system not same


I am having trouble with merging 3 large projects, but it is failing due to the output coordinate system not matching. I will attach the quality control reports once I post this topic.

Some info:
All three projects taken with DJI P4 RTK
No GCP, only MTP
All three processed with same output coordinate system [NAD_1983_StatePlane_Texas_South_Central_FIPS_4204_Feet (deprecated)]
All three seem to have the same geoid height above ellipsoid: 0.00
All three projects have Step 1 complete, MTP’s created with same names, and reoptimized.

Any suggestions?

Okay, so quality reports have not been generated. I will generate and post when I get them.

Here is a screenshot of the output coordinate system, as far as I can tell it is the same for all 3 projects.

Olivares (876.3 KB)
Olivares (1.1 MB)
Olivares (851.1 KB)

Here are the log files if that helps.

Olivares MergedB.log (14.6 KB)

Forgot to upload the log file on the attempted merge

Quality Reports
Olivares 70L_report.pdf (111.4 KB)
Olivares 70S_report.pdf (116.4 KB)
Olivares 90_report.pdf (787.9 KB)

Does anyone have a suggestion for this?

@Kapil_Khanal @Daniele_Lecci

Hi @leonard
Thank you for all the information.

It seems that the Olivares 70L project is in another coordinate system:


Please change the coordinate system and try again.