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Mean, RMSE, and 95% Confidence level of Automatic Tie Points

When I select an Automatic Tie Point in the rayCloud, I get this information shown in the properties dialog box: 

Ideally I would love to get a table for all of the Theoretical Error for all of the Automatic Tie Points. I think at minimum the Quality Report should state the mean, RMSE, and 95% Confidence level of the Automatic Tie Points. Is there any way to get a table of all of these values so that I could compute these values my self?


The information is not directly available for every Automatic Tie Point that is selected in the rayCloud. However, you can get the error estimations for GCPs and/or MTPs when marking them in the project. More information here: Quality report specifications -
Ground Control Points.

For the automatic tie points, there is a file which is generated after step1 process and stored under “1initials>params” where you can find the uncertainties of some automatic tie points. The file is: project name_result_point_uncertainties