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Is it possible to see the RMS errors of the GCP’s together that you have entered against the geometry of the images BEFORE running the lengthy processing which produces the report?  If a report could be produced at the end of the reoptimisation it would give us an option to exclude or highlight some of our poorer GCPs.  I can see that you can see each individual points accuracy as you are creating them but it would be nice to see them all displayed together.  This is quite common in other image processing software.


Hi Justin,

I am sorry, but I am not sure that I understand the query.

To obtain a point cloud that you will further georeference using the GCP’s, you will have first to run step 1 of processing. During step 1 the software extracts keypoints, computes matches and puts the model in a location based on the GPS of the images (if any). Later on when you add the GCP’s the location of the model will be shifted to their location. 

In order to have the RMS error of the GCP’s one must optimize so that the software does take into consideration the marks. 

If you are referring that the quality report generation takes longer then expected, you could downsize it by unchecking the preview orthomosaic. 

If you are referring from where to read the RMS error directly in the rayCloud, then you can click on the GCP’s, and in the left bar, you can see the statistics. Moreover, you can activate the ellipsoid so that you can see how much one mark is influencing the uncertainties. 

Let me know if this answers your questions.