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Assessing Model Accuracy


I was wondering, which was the best way to assess model accuracy and error estimation in Pix4D if I have only imported GCPs? my project did not include checkpoints, unfortunately, and I was wondering whether or how I may assess accuracy through the Quality report.


The RMS error of the GCP in the quality report is a pretty good metric but for truly independent accuracy assessments RMS error check points are optimal. The issue with the RMS error reported in the Quality report is that is the accuracy at that exact point in space. The geometric corrections provided by GCPs diminish as the distance away increases. Meaning you have no way of assessing the accuracy as you move away from the GCP.

Is there any other way to assess accuracy without check points? or is the RMS error the best indicator?

If you wanted a metric of relative accuracy you could measure something in the model and measure it in the real world to see how close the two values are. That would be the only workaround I can think of.