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The new version does not have MBTiles options. We have built our whole application with custom MBTiles hosting. Any chance this support can be brought back?

Yeah, I just noticed I can’t upload my project to Mapbox anymore…

In the Pix4Dmapper 2.2 Technical Release Notes, found here, it states 

  • Discontinue the orthomosaic in Mapbox tiles format.

I wonder what their logic is… 

Yeah I read that after I posted the other post. I tried to do it manually with transparency on and it still puts black where it should be transparent. They said they are aware of the issue.

MBtiles is an open source standard for storing and rendering tiles. I don’t understand the logic behind removing this feature just because now uploads TIF files. There are many other products that use MBTiles primarily because the standard is Open Source. I now have to waste few more hours converting the TIF into MbTiles using other softwares.

I actually just tried to upload a TIF from Pix4D to mapbox just five minutes ago. It now says “Error: File type tif is unsupported.” Rohit R, what software do you use to convert it over?

Hi all,

Indeed the Mapbox tiles export is not an available option anymore in the software.
We understand this was useful for several users but our developers were facing technical issues and they unfortunately decided to leave this option aside in order to ensure an optimal computation for the orthomosaic.

You could perhaps try to convert the .tif files into the MBTiles format using a third-party software as it was suggested here.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will a proper way to achieve what you want.
Rest assured that we keep a close eye on the feedback of the users regarding this feature.