Max Image with Catch

I understand that there’s a maximum limit on the number of images that can be processed per account in Pix4DCloud Advanced. However, could you clarify why this limit applies to Pix4DCatch as well? If I’m mistaken, is there a method to remove the restriction in Pix4DCatch that’s linked with Pix4DCloud Advanced? My intention is to export the work into a zip file on my iPhone and process it in Pix4DMatic.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Jason_Moore,

The maximum number of images that you can capture in a single session with PIX4Dcatch, whether uploading to PIX4Dcloud or processing locally with PIX4Dmatic, is 4000. Typically, I recommend a maximum of 2500 images per capture session, but you can take up to 4000. If you need to capture very large areas that you would have to surpass this limit, then capture multiple PIX4Dcatch projects one after the other until you have covered the project area.
Unfortunately, there is no way to circumvent this restriction.

Ryan Hughes