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Mavic 2 Enterprise Pix4Dcapture Android 4.5.0

I understand the Mavic 2 Enterprise is not currently in the compatible devices list. However, before the new M2E firmware update it was still possible to use Pix4dCapture with the M2E. Hence, my question is two part:

  1. Do anybody know a workaround at this point to use the M2E for mapping?

  2. Is there any plans to add the M2E to the compatible devices?



Hi Alexandre,

The Mavic 2 Pro enterprise (M2E) is pretty new on the market. Then, we will evaluate the possibility to support this drone with the Android and iOS version of Pix4Dcapture in the future but currently, no decision has been taken yet and no timeline can be provided.

I will share your interest in the support of this drone with the developer’s team.


I too am wondering if and when the Mavic 2 Enterprise will be added to the Pix4d Capture fleet.  Has a determination been made?

Hi Shannon,
The Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise is not supported by pix4Dcapture at the moment. It is currently not in our pipeline and no decision has been taken yet.

We recently acquire a M2E, and would be very interested in having pix4D Capture support for it, as well. Thanks.

Hi Ryan, 

Thanks for sharing your feedback. As for now, supporting Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise is not in our pipeline. However, your interest has been shared with the developer’s team. Could you also create a post in the Product feedback topic of our Community, this will enable other users to comment and upvote your feedback and allows us to have an overview of all the user inputs.

Hello, we also have M2E and would like support.

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We also are hoping that M2E support will be coming soon as we are adding it to our UAS fleet soon.

I would really like to see support for mavic 2 Enterprise as well. We just acquired a dual for our UAS and really want to be able to use capture for crash mapping.

Thank you

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While not officially supported, I’ve been testing and had success using our Mavic 2ED with the iOS Pix4d Capture app.  It obviously captures a visual camera photo and a FLIR photo with each shot, so you have to weed out the FLIR photos when adding to Pix4D but it works.  I had trouble today with the Android version which I have loaded on our Crystal Sky but was able to fly multiple missions without any problems with the iOS app on my iPhone.  Showed I was connected to a Mavic 2 on the app while flying.  

I appreciate the information. But at this time I don’t have access to iOS. We use Android and don’t plan on switching.

I’ve been using other software for capture at this point and it is a pain to go back and drop each thermal but it can be done. That being said I’d love to see capture updated for Android it’s a much more user friendly program and works.much quicker.

We would like to add our MPro Enterprise to our mapping fleet so it would be great if you could bump all these requests for official P4Capture support.


I would also be interested to have pix4dcapture on mavic 2 enterprise for android