Matic PDF Manual download issues

Hi there,

I am attempting to download the PDF matic manual and all I am getting is a greyed out screen where the PDF should be, any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Hi @robert4 ,

This Offline Getting Started and Manual (pdf) is referring to PIX4Dmapper and not to PIX4Dmatic.
You can find any information you need for PIX4Dmatic on the following link:

For any further questions that you might have please post in our community or contact us via the request form.


Thank you, it is possible to gain a copy (PDF) full manual for Matic as I already have a perpetual licence for Mapper and currently trialing Matic and would love to have a hardcopy manual (old school I know).

Many Thanks

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Hello Robert,

Unfortunately, we do not have a PDF version of the PIX4Dmatic manual; however, I passed your request to our team. In the meantime, please refer to

If you have questions, please feel free to post in our community or contact us via the request form.

Kind regards,