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Marketable Features of Pix4d versus other competitors

Hello All,

I am wondering what you think the marketable differences of pix4d are to justify buying it and a computer to run it, versus other options like dronedeploy, and other cloud based services. Is there really enough extra data or manipulation you can get out of pix that warrants the cost of it over an could based subscription service?



I am using Pix4d Mapper for aerial mapping as background imagery for land surveying and for surface generation for engineering design.  I am really happy with the output.  I have found the vertical accuracy to be quite good and the horizontal accuracy to be excellent when using GCP. So far, my engineer customers love the product.  The learning curve is a little steep but the ability to separate terrain and objects makes surface and contour generation a lot easier. I am still working out what I can do with mosaics.

 I have tried using the processing from Maps Made Easy.  Although very reasonably priced, the output was not adequate.  The image was not good at the shadow line and sometimes there would be two edges.  The horizontal control was ok but not consistent thru the image.  The vertical accuracy was not acceptable.

I use Map Pilot from Maps made easy for data collection.  The output works fine in Mapper.

I am using HP z600 with dual Xeon processors that I got refurbished on Amazon for $600.  I put more memory in.  Processing times are adequate.  Big jobs just get left to run overnite but most jobs take less than one hour.  

In general, I really like Pix4d Mapper.




Is fast and easy to process your data with mapper. I don’t see it as a cloud service.

You can modify, do measurements, export so many outputs. And in their website they have all the instructions you need.

I am also using their free app and you also have your file almost ready. 

Check it out