Mac, External Hard Drive

I am running a thunderbolt drive where I render most of my videos directly out of.  When I went to show pix4d where the image folder was none of the external drives show up.  I ended up just running it off the smaller internal drive and it works fine but I would like to have all my files on the external.

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Hello Josh,

We could not reproduce the issue you are reporting. Could you please give us more information on your Mac device and the OS?

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It is when you click add directory none of the external hard drives appear.  If i click add images all of the hard drives show up just fine. 


Can confirm this problem still exists. I have a Mac Pro running High Sierra with ~10TB attached as SAS RAID. The file browser is native but the directory chooser is a non-native dialog view that presents the root file system but none of the mounted external drives. Drag & drop into this non-native dialog box also does not work at all.