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Low altitude (15 m/50 ft.) mapping

Got a request in an airspace that is capped at 50’ AGL.  It’s an open parking lot with minimal features.  I always take precautions and fly around manually first to make sure my flight altitude doesn’t cross the path of anything (trees, towers, etc.).  But my concern here is finding the right balance of overlap and number of images to process.  My standard overlap is 85/75.  I usually only drop that to 85/70 if it’s a large area with few features.  Or 90/85 if it’s densely vegetated.  But I am considering dropping way down to 80/60 to keep the number of images down.  Anyone have experience mapping at such a low altitude?


Based on our customers processing images obtained from low altitude, I would recommend you to fly using your standard overlap 85% front/75%side or higher. You might need to increase the overlapping based on the texture of the surface which you already know about it. I don’t recommend capturing images with side overlap of 60% which might not be enough.