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Longitude and Latitude is correct.Except Altitude

Hi.I have an problem now.
Althouth I imported pictures that I taked last week, sparse cloud’s altitude was high about 30m.
Because It was ellipsoid height. This error is geoid height. So I want to convert altitude(I want to lower altitude about 30m).
I could convert X,Y coordinate correctly from longitude and latitude. But I couldn’t do altitude from ellipsoid height.
Please tell me this solution.


You can import your images in your PIX4Dmapper project. Then open the Image Properties Editor and export the image geolocation file clicking To File… to an Excel readable file.

In third-party software, edit the altitude values by removing the offset for each image. Then, reimport the edited file by clicking From File… in the Image Properties Editor.

Thank you for reply. And I’m sorry to late. I was tried to solve the problem.Now I found this solution.

Hi @k-sawaya,

We are happy your issue is resolved.