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le phantom 4 pro multi speactral

quelqu’un a de l’expérience avec ce modèle de drone? peut on prendre les photos et vidéos RVB en mode libre??

Hi Pascal,

My colleague @Julius_Petri has been capturing images with this drone, he can give somes insights/tips. As far as what we need for Pix4Dfields. We recommend capturing the data with the DJI GS Pro App as it is its native app. Collect the images as the nadir, 80% side, and frontal overlap.

If you collect those images, Pix4Dfields will process them. You can capture RGB, and also multispectral data. The multispectral sensors have been added as a rig in our database. My recommendation would be to process RGB and Multispectral (blue, green, red, red edge and near infrared) separetly.