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Largest Area Ever Processed

Just for fun, what is the largest geographical area you have ever processed in a single project?

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Hey Andrew,

I hope everything is going well with you. That largest area that I have done is 310 acres in a single project. 

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      I have a project that is a little under 1300 acres in a single project.

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quante fotografie hai prodotto? I tempi di elaborazione?

About 3,000 acres with an eBee standard. A few others between 2,000 and 3,000.  

Processing turned out to be a nightmare.  Following projects went fine after changing the arrangement of (overlapping) flight blocks, the control network, and processing separately before a merge. 

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Hey Selim, Robert, and Derrick, thanks for sharing.

I won’t comment further to avoid cluttering the thread but don’t hesitate to jump back in if you’d like to share an update.

around 1100 ha by an ebee

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Personally only 1 building so far. :slight_smile:

But looking forward to expanding that a bit as I expand my knowledge of the application and the field of observation also. Baby steps