Landslide Forecast

Hello Mappers,

I want to know about landslide mapping using Pix4d.

 Can we forcast  Landslide ? If Yes How ?


Hello Mahesh, 

Thank you for contacting Pix4D Support.Pix4Dmapper can map the landslide damage and so on. However, landslide forecast required a lot of factors which Pix4Dmapper software can’t produce. The Pix4Dmapper can produce DSM (Digital Surface Model)/DTM (Digital Terrain Model), which might be useful for you. 



Can we use Pix4D to correlate between 2 successive 3D maps of landslide to detect the strain and the movement in the slide ?

Thank you in advance

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Hi there,

As mentioned by Kapil above, you can use Pix4Dmapper to generate outputs such as digital surface models (DSM), orthomosaics, digital terrain models (DTM), and contour lines that can help analyzing landslide damage. However, you cannot compare outputs with Pix4Dmapper.

You could consider Pix4Dcloud Advanced which has a timeline feature that you could use for comparison but you might not be able to reach the accuracy you need in your measurements. You can have a look at the feature in this demo project.