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Can I make a "hole" in my map??.. and calculate the volume


My name is Klaus, i’m from Denmark.

I’m relatively new in Pix4D, so bare with me… I was wondering if its possible for me to generate a ‘hole’ in my 3D model. Like I wanted to establish a lake in my field with a max capacity of 50.000 m3 of water, for example. 
I want to make a presentation of the land where there might be a lake somewhere in the future.

I took a look at this site ‘how to manually generate a DTM’, its something like that I think, but maybe someone knows how

A big thanks from denmark

Mhh, that is interesting, I have not used Pix4DMapper to that and I wonder if it can project surface with slope. May be it is better to do it outside of Pix4D using some CAD packages  or any other that would allow you to extrude the outline at an angle hence to create a realistic sloped hole/lake. So the way I would do it, I extrude the line above topo to generate DTM, then create an intersection line between the topo and the hole use the line to clip the topo, then again use the same line to clip the new generate DTM, then merge the two. I’m a mining engineer so I do this kind of thing all the time when designing mining pits. If you have the data I can assist you if you provide the data and parameters.

That would be a big help. I haven’t done the mapping yet, that will be next week, but if it’s possible as you say, I would be very interested in your expertise. 

Do you have an example of some of your mining pits? sounds cool

Klaus, take a look at Global Mapper. A lot of folks in the geospatial community use it. It is powerful enough to where there is a way to do what you need it to. I wouldn’t want to work without it. Compliments Pix4D outputs very nicely, and good for preparing inputs like GCP.


Thanks Steven, 

I’m downloading right now… What is speciel about it, compared to Pix4D? would I be able to generate an upcoming lake just like that, or do you have a smart way to do it?


// Klaus

Global mapper is good and simplistic GIS software I agree with Steve, but you will still need another application to extrude your outlines I believe. Once you have the surfaces then it is easy to use boolean operations in  GM such as subtract one form the other to create the hole. Otherwise you will have to go about round tricks to successful achieve extrusion in GM,it ca be done off course.