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Join countourlines from diferent proyects

Hi, does anyone know how can I join contour lines from diferent proyects?

I have to make the cartography of 27.000Ha. I will do it in aprox. 50 flights.
My idea is to process around 5 flights in each project, what will leave me 10 diferent big projects.

So far I’ve been trying to join contour lines of 2 proyects without success. The only way I found, is to import all the points (or dsm) in Global Mapper and make the contours, but this will take much more time, and I don’t think GM will be able to handle with 50 flight data at once… Also I haven’t been able to get as clean contours, with GM or Arcgis, as with Pix4D.
I would appreciate any help.

Hi Jose,

I think your workaround is the best. Import the DSMs in other software and regenerate the contours.
GM and ArcGIS have smoothing and editing tools that will give you good looking contours. You could find useful info here:

Best regards,