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Issue: Resizing clipping box causes box to "jump"

When resizing the clipping box, especially when I am trying to set it to show a narrow part of the pointcloud, the clippingbox “jumps” horisontally. Sometimes when I let go the resizing pints, they don’t stay where I want them to, and jumps back to the previous position.

Hello ole,

Would you please update it to 4.6.4 and see if the problem persists? If it does, I appreciate it if you could upload a video showing the problem to investigate further.

Well, that was not too easy, as your forum does not allow for video upload. So, I made two videos and exported them as gifs.

Here is one, as you also have a limit on image size. As you can see, when I release the mouse button after resizing using the green points, the red points jump sideways and I get a mutch wider selection of the pointcloud.

Hi @ole,

Thank you for the gif. Nice idea! Here in the system, we can only visualise the video, once uploaded on YouTube, for instance. Could you please try the same workflow on another computer? We would need confirmation that the issue can be reproduced. Afterwards, I will contact our developers.

Thank you in advance.

I thought that was Pix4D’s job, to try to reproduce the same errors as was reported.
I’m sorry that I am blunt, but I am less than impressed with the feedback I have had on several problems. Most are not answered, and it seems that you rely purely on your user-base to do bug-tracking -and confirmation. This is unacceptable when we pay as much as we do for this software. I don’t have time for this. I probably will do this anyway, when I have time, or I’ll make time. Because I want to have it fixed. Later.

Dear @ole

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with the level of support you received.
I can ensure you that we take all constructive feedback into consideration and we do our best to help our customers through our different channels.

Regarding the issue you described in this post, we were not able to reproduce it and no other customer has reported it (at least not to my knowledge). This is why, as my colleague Beata mentioned, we need to check if it is a hardware related issue (for example you may need to update your GPU drivers).

Please also note that our Community is a place where our customers meet to exchange ideas and solve issues. We do monitor it closely, but we cannot guarantee an answer to every technical issue.
We do our best to be as present as possible.
Our customers with a valid Support and Updates license can also contact us here for questions about Pix4Dmapper.

Thank you again for the constructive feedback.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I just wanted to post a topic on the same issue. I am currently on 4.6.4 but the problem has existed ever since I started using Pix4D in early 2017 (on a different PC).
Attached my system configuration, but I dont see how that should be the problem.

edit: I think the problem is that somehow the box can save a minimal size of 5m for each axis. If you make axis A smaller than that it will bug as soon as you touch any other axis, because it will reset axis A to the value saved in the box-parameters:

There might also be a problem with saving the position, but I don’t have the time right now to test for this.

Thank you for the detailed description. We will check internally and get back to you.

Thank you very much for the post. It’s very helpful and I appreciate it. You are right that the issue arrives when it is less than 5 meters. We will investigate further for the issue.

Kind regards,