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Is the result of Method B & C the same?

Aloha from Hawai’i,


First, I’m wondering if using Method C will give the same result as Method B excluding human error. Method C is importing and using GCPs before step one with the basic editor, and Method B is post step 1 using the Raycloud editor.

Second, I’m wondering if I were to run Method C with GCPs, and then add manual tie points after step 1. Would this give the same result as method C with manual ties both done before step 1.


Mahalo, Thank you

Hi from Switzerland :slight_smile:

  1. Method B and C (How to include GCPs in the Project) give exactly the same results, given that the points have been correctly marked on the images.

However, method B is faster (especially if there are many GCPs)

  1. MTPs can be added before or after step 1. The results will, normally, be the same.

You could see some improvements adding the MTPs and/or the GCPs before step 1, only in bad projects (bad overlap, very uniform areas) where some images do not get calibrated. 
For an average project, there is no difference.

Adding MTPs/GCPs after step 1 is faster.

Hope it helps! Aloha!