Invoice payment to renew license

I have sent several contact requests in over the past 3 months to have an invoice sent to my company for renewal of a Pix4dMatic + Survey perpetual license, and have not received a response. Is there a phone number or chat function to speak to a sales representative?

Hi @cpalmers,

Thank you for your message in the Pix4D Community.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get any answer to your messages. To speed up things, I’m in direct contact with the salesperson in charge of your region, and they will contact you in the next two business days. No action is needed from your side.

In order to avoid any similar issue in the future, can you please tell me how you contact our sales team?
The best would be using this form:

If this was already the case, we will then investigate what went wrong and make sure that a similar issue will not happen again.

Let me know if in the meantime there is anything I can do for you.


Hi @cpalmers,

You should have been contacted by my colleagues from sales. Can you please confirm that you have received the communication? I want to make sure that the communication between you and Pix4D is working as expected.