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Inspire 2's X4S camera not centered forward

My X4S camera is always pointing off slightly to the one side or to the back after startup when I use the double grid mission in Pix4D app. How do you rectify that?

I’ve tried  the calibrations and nothing has worked yet. If I press the button on the left rear of the controller it will re-center the camera for a short time but will go off center soon after. I have also tried DJI Assistant 2 to calibrate and update the firmware but nothing helps stop the camera pointing slightly to the left on the aircraft’s centre. 

Is there any way to fix this issue?


Thank you,

Mustafa Alhakeem


Hi Lance,

Thank you for your feedback.
Can you tell me if you are using Android or iOS version of Pix4Dcapture?

This issue you are experiencing has already been encountered by other users and was reported in this post.
From previous logs investigation, it seems that the issue originates from DJI SDK or drone firmware. 

Would it be possible for you to send the logs of the flight you did having this undesired angle? For an efficient investigation, it is important to notify the date and the hour of the flight, and the mission name if possible.

In the meantime, as reported by another user, the bug seems to do not occur on the Android version of Pix4Dcapture, I would suggest you to use Android version of Pix4Dcapture with your configuration if you are experiencing difficulties on iOS.