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Camera not parallel to the capture axis


I’m testing Pix4D (version 4.1.2) Drone Phantom 4 - Android device Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

When starting the mission, the camera is facing the ground but is not parallel to the capture axis.

It is turned 20° to the left. (always to the left)

It is necessary to manually correct the yaw axis during the entire mission.

I have done several missions and the problem is present each time.


Does anyone encounter the same problem ?


Hi Mario,

we had two users contacting us about a similar issue but it was with the Inspire series and X5/X5S cameras and not DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Could you check the x5 gimbal has a yaw angle when using pix4d capture community post and let us know if the issue is indeed the same and if you have some additional comments or information asked there?

At the moment, I would recommend you to perform the Gimbal Yaw Reset in DJI GO app and try again as described in the post. 

Let me know how it goes,