incomplete 3d model

I have pictures that are not geo referenced and I am using pix4d to run structure for motion on photos that are on an object roughly 12 inches tall. I am trying to do close range photography to build a point cloud and/or mesh of the object.

I get the following message from pix4d
pix4d error

I do not them to be georeferenced, I just need them to use an arbitrary scale that I can fix to later use in CloudCompare. the current output is an incomplete point cloud. Does anybody know how to force it to use all the photos to create a complete point cloud. I am using Pics4d mapper.

Hi James,
You cannot force Mapper to calibrate all of the photos. It is possible to add MTPs which can help with the calibration. It should be noted that this can be a very time consuming process. I would recommend revisiting your data capture and ensure that you overlap stay consistent. You might also want to look at our free mobile application called PIX4Dcatch. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can capture objects with your phone and then export the data for processing. It might give you a better result.

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