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Improving comsumer grade GPS referenced model with known scales

Hi all.
Im aware that using consumer grade GPS referenced photos, the accuracy of the project is limited to the accuracy of the GPS (1 to 5mts). Also Ive seen theres a way to manually scale a project with a relative coordinate system and creating manual GCPs with known distance. Issue is that If one chooses a relative coordinate system, the model will not be geo referenced at all (not even with the 1-5 meter precision). Is there a way to mix this methods to improve the inner accuracy without loosing the geo referenceing?


Hi Maximo,

your problem is solved with the new Pix4Dmapper version (2.0). I had exactly the same problem.
The new 2.0 version has the scale constraints tools. Check the video that Olivier did: with the new features.

hope it helps,

Thank you!