Improve OrhtoPhoto - Improvements to DSM

I understand that there are not the same tools in Matic as Mapper for edting clouds or DSMs.
My question is if I switch to Matic from Mapper but include/add Survey;

Can I export and make edits in Survey that I can easily bring back into Matic to improve the DSM the orthophoto is generated from or (forgive my lack of knowledge here) does Survey have the ability to make a new orthophoto from its surfaces?


Hi rmaher,
At the moment this workflow is not possible. But please keep an eye out as we are constantly making upgrades to this platform. We should see many new features in 2023.

@rmaher we now have the point cloud editing in PIX4Dmatic, so that you can improve the point cloud, which in turn can improve the mesh, the dsm and the orthomosaic. It should solve your issue, let us know if you try it out!