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Improve android version of Capture

Are there any plans in the near future to improve the android version of Capture to be more like the ios?


  • Fluid mission pause to allow for battery swap
  • a small corner camera view versus either full screen map or full screen fpv

I ask because I got a crystal sky for better outdor visibility and I exclusively use capture for my mapping due to its seamless operation. But having to pull out my ipad for larger missions because the android interface is a hassle to operate in those circumstances is quite dissapointing.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for sharing your honest feedback with us. 

Our long-term goal is to have the two versions developed in parallel and offer the same functionality on both operating systems. Initially, the code structure was slightly different and diverged at some point to support specific features and hardware. 

To get the latest updates about new features and improvements we invite you to follow the technical release notes

At the moment I have forwarded your request to the team in charge to evaluate them and take it into consideration for the future development.