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identifier in project_name_tp_pix4d.txt

Does the indentifier in 1_initial/params/project_name_tp_pix4d.txt relate to 1_initial/project_data/result_tracks2_full_1.las?

The highest number in pix4d.txt matches the number of points in  result_tracks2_full_1.las

In pix4d, I can see that the ATP number matches with  result_tracks2_full_1.las, because the x/y/z coordinate is the same.

However, in the tp_pix4d.txt, the coordinate in the photos are not what I expect, so maybe the id in the tp_pix4d.txt does not match the las file.

Hi Rode, 

Files in the /project_data/ are used for internal processing of the software. Difficult to say what identifiers relate to each other and what matches. 

What are you using these files for? Or for what are you planning to use them?

I want to make an application that can determine 3d coordinates if you click on the original photos. Basically what pix4d provides with manual tie points/check points, but then in my own application instead of pix4d.


Do you have a specific use case already? 

Yes, I do have a specific use case, but I cannot discuss that on a public forum. Is there some way we can talk privately, for example via email. Do you have the email address that is associated with my profile on this forum?

Yes, I’ve created a ticket out of the post so that I can get in touch with you through email. 

I’ll set the status of this post to answered, as the concerned files are mainly for internal usage of the software. Nevertheless, feel free to comment below if there is a question or remark.