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How to get the Airinov radiometric calibration target

We are starting to use Pix4Dag with Sequoia images.

As mentioned in some video tutorials and documentation, the Airinov radiometric calibration target is automatically recognized by the software.

How can I get this specific target?

Thank you in advance,


The aircalib target from Airinov that is automatically recognized by Pix4D software:

Labsphere also sells such calibration targets, but only sell to Canada and the USA.



Hi, Pix4D support member

Could you let me know how do Pix4D detect the albedo value from AIRINOV calibration target?

Is it the QR code around the radiometric calibration area?


Thank you in advance,

Hey Mirai,

The albedo values are written on the calibration target itself, however Pix4D would automatically detect the Sequoia albedo values. If you have to manually input them it should be something like Green %17.0, Red %20.5, Red Edge %26.3 and NIR %36.5. Then in Pix4D for the albedo values you would put 0.17, 0.205, 0.263 and 0.365.


It appears that the Airinov radiometric calibration target is not available on their website. Is this calibration still needed for accurate measurements?

Thank you

Hi Jonathan,

You could use the Airinov target within PIX4D but it will not be recognized automatically; hence, you will have to manually input the albedo values as per instructions that are given here.

We do recommend using a calibration target if you want your values to be absolute. 



@ina, it sounds like you are saying that pix4d no longer automatically recognizes the Airnov calibration Target. But that sounds contradictory to what PierAngelo said above.

Do you know of a place to purchase the targets that are automatically recognized, for use with the Sequoia?

Hi William,


You are right. I made a mistake. The Airinov Aircalib it is automatically recognized by our software. 


When I previously mentioned at Airinov target, I was referring to the old target.


With the Airinov Aircalib, we do the recognition, marking and albedo extraction automatically for both Red edge and Sequoia. You can find more informationhere. 


You can buy the target directly from Parrot or official reseller.


I apologize for any inconvenience that my previous answer may have caused.




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