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How to connect Parrot Sequoia+ Multispectral Camera with PixHawk 4 & capture the image on the PixHawk trigger?

I know we have 2 interfaces in the Sequoia+ (PTP & WiFi).

In the below document from Parrot, I read that there is a component named CAMRemote that we can use to connect the Parrot Multi Spectral with PixHawk. Is this true?

Is there anything else we can use to connect PixHawk and Parrot Sequoia+?


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For any hardware-related questions, you should contact Parrot at by logging in and submitting a support request. The Parrot support engineers will do their best to help you and answer your questions.
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I tried to register on the forum you suggested, but this is asking for an invitation key/UAS serial number. Where I can find those?



You can ask for the necessary information from the manufacturer. I’m sorry I can not help you more with this.
You can also ask for information directly to pixhawk.