How to change "hand" cursor / pointer to "arrow" cursor / pointer

When in Mosaic Editor mode, the hand cursor is not helpful for selecting a precise location to read the coordinates and elevation of a point. Here’s some tips:

  • When using the Mosaic Editor, the cursor will be a hand ( :raised_back_of_hand: )which, when the mouse button is held down, is used to shift the view of the mosaic.
  • To change the cursor to an arrow for precise pointing at a point in the mosaic, left-click on View in the main menu. The cursor will change from a hand to an arrow. Then point the point of the arrow at the point in the mosaic and left-click. Watch as the coordinates and elevation updates in the lower right corner of the window.
  • The “center” of the hand’s palm is the same as the point of the arrow icon, although “center” is not easy to determine because the hand symbol hides the point. It is more precise to use the arrow. (When using rayCloud to edit, the pointer remains an arrow.)
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Hi @John_Githens,

Thank you for your suggestion.
In fact, the goal of the mosaic editor is to edit the orthomosaic and not to retrieve coordinates. However, any help for PIX4Dmapper users is welcome :slight_smile:.
I tried to follow your steps but, unfortunately, I can’t get the arrow pointer using your workflow. Could you please let me know where exactly you are clicking on “view”?

Another workaround could be to click on Draw on the Mosaic Editing sidebar, the cursor will become a cross.

Workflow: Click on ‘Mosaic Editor’ in the Menu, then do nothing except move the cursor. The cursor remains an arrow shape while moving to point at a point/pixel.

However, your “workaround” is a better method: Click on Draw on the Mosaic Editing sidebar, the cursor will become a cross.

To my knowledge there is no way to View the orthomosaic without using ‘Mosaic Editor’ mode. (Under ‘View’ in the main menu, there is only the option: select ‘Mosaic Editor’.)

If there is a simpler method for retrieving the coordinates and elevation of a point, please suggest a method. I often browse an orthomosaic to find the data describing a point.

Thank you!

Hi @John_Githens,

Thank you for the additional information.
Unfortunately, when I click on Mosaic Editor my cursor becomes a hand immediately.

Your are right, the Mosaic editor is the only way to visualize the orthomosaic within PIX4Dmapper.

PIX4Dmapper is a processing software, that provides results for further use in third-party applications.

We suggest opening the Orthomosaic GeoTIFF with one of the following software:

  • Global Mapper
  • ArcGIS
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS)
  • AutoCAD
  • Any other software supporting the GeoTIFF format

I hope this helps.

Happy mapping,