how to assess the output

Please how can I do the following:
Does the output of image orientation acceptable, what is the standard if there is?
how to assess the output quality of the dense image matching process? Does the result acceptable?
how to assess the output/result of orthophoto and the DSM?
Assignment_report.pdf (1.4 MB)


In the quality report, there are no sections that directly indicate the accuracy of a particular output, such as orthophoto and DSM; however, there are topics that help to assess it. For example, in the quality check table, there are five subjects: images, dataset, camera optimization, matching, and georeferencing. If you see the right column of the table, all of them are green for this project, which is good. If there are yellow or red question marks, you may want to pay attention to the topics and investigate further. Please find more information by visiting here. The video on the page is also helpful to answer some of your questions. It explains how to assess the quality using visual inspection, a quality report, a projection in the rayCloud, and checkpoints.

The sections below about the GCPS and Check Points are also very useful:

It seems that one of your CheckPoints gives high errors. It is worth checking how well this point was marked on the images and where exactly it is located on your project.

One thing I’ve noticed looking at your quality report is that you processed with the Geolocation calibration method:

If your images do not have RTK very precise coordinates, I suggest you reprocess using the Standard mode (kindly find more information here.)

To assess the DSM and the orthomosaic, I recommend you to check these outputs visually and add some Check Points on them using GIS software (QGIS, Global Mapper, etc.). You should, then, check the CheckPoints’ coordinates on the DSM and the orthomosaic.