Accuracy Assessment

How do I compare quality reports of two flight plans? What does each value mean?
Science Complex Vertical _report.pdf (328.0 KB)
Science Complex Horizontal_report.pdf (282.2 KB)
This are the two quality reports generated by pix4d mapper. How should I compare the two to achieve accuracy assessment?

Hi @rerecerso678

Thank you for sharing the two quality reports.

You can check the flight plans in the section of Initial Image Positions.

You can check this quick video to understand the values in the quality report.
How to ensure quality and accuracy in Pix4Dmapper - Pix4Dmapper Video

As well as these articles:
Quality Report Help Initial Image Positions
Quality report specifications

About the accuracy assessment, you may check the Absolute Geolocation Variance and Relative Geolocation Variance.

If the errors are not expected, I recommend using MTPs or GCPs to help with the accuracy. Because if these are not used, image geolocation will be used to assess the accuracy. MTPs are used for assessing and improving reconstruction accuracy.

Here is some information on how to add MTPs and GCPs:

[Video]More accurate maps and 3D models with tie points
How to import and mark Manual Tie Points (MTPs)
How to add / import and mark manual tie points (MTPs) in the rayCloud

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. We are happy to answer them for you. :+1:

Rosana (she/her)