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How to add file path in pix4D

Our client wishes to buy pix4D, but he has added this criteria

Capable of importing an CSV/Excel/XML file
with list of photos, their file paths, and all photo
and photo collection information (thereby
eliminating the need to manually enter all this

Is it possible to write acode to import the file path

Hi karthikdrt

Do you have a specific software of Pix4D in mind? e.g. Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dfields, Pix4Dreact, Pix4Dcloud,…

Could you please give an example of such a file? Also, do you know how your client gets these files in the first place? e.g. is this an output from another software,…This will help understand the context where this is necessary.

In Pix4Dmapper, it is possible to import a .csv or .txt file to complete the geolocation and orientation information of the images, more in this article.

Your request seems to go one step further and even have the path of the images in that file.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi the specific software is pix4D mapper

The files i.e the photos are raw data and they are stored in HDD drive and it is not any output from another software.

Thank you for providing additional information.
The procedure for importing images is described here: Importing the images

Unfortunately, there is no plan to change this in Pix4Dmapper any time soon. We transferred your request to our developers team. They may consider it in the future.

Thanks for clarifying. For now only .jpeg and .tiff files are supported in Pix4Dmapper. There is no plan to support RAW files for the moment.