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How does the point normal orientation process work?

Pix4d creates a mesh with poisson surface reconstruction.

The oriented point normal is very important when do poisson surface reconstruction.

The usual way to calculate points using nearby points is to calculate the wrong points for the building side. Therefore, It needs a normal orient process to modify the direction of this point

Generally, They use the viewpoint of a point cloud to adjust the direction of the normal, but Point clouds extracted from multi-images have a large number of view points.

How does pix4d solve this?

When the number of images is small, the model is fine.
But the number of images increases and the boundaries become wider, there is a problem with the shape of the model.

I want an answer please.

Hi Kim, 

The poisson surface reconstruction is a complex multi-view optimisation procedure that takes place during step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.

If the there are surfaces that are not flat enough in the 3D Textured Mesh, we can recommend the following procedure:

The issue you are describing could occur for several reasons. To further investigate please submit a request here: . Please attach the Quality Report and Log file of the project and if possible screenshots of the Mesh where the issues are visible.

Thank you.