how do you extend the Pix4d Mapper trial

how do you extend the Pix4d Mapper trial

Hello Paul,

The PIX4Dmapper trial license is allowed to use only once.
There is the monthly license of PIX4Dmapper if you are interested. For more information:

PIX4Dmapper Pricing

Please feel free to Contact Sales to assist you further.

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However, it is possible to request for a second trial that will give you 10 additional days for testing the software. To do so, simply launch Pix4D Desktop when your current trial license expires, login with your Pix4D account and select the trial license option to redeem your second trial license.

Hi @paul.m,

Thank you for letting us know about that comment.

Unfortunately, that comment was quite old and it is no longer valid.

As Yuka mentioned for now PIX4Dmapper trial license is only allowed to be used once. If the trial user has any issues during the trial period (i.e. unable to use PIX4Dmapper at all), they may contact us via a support ticket for help as long as it is within the trial period.

If it’s about purchasing the license, please contact our sales team.

Rosana (she/her)