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Heat is my Enemy, any guides?

I’m running a fairly old system, Supermicro X8DLT motherboard, dual Intel Xeon E5520 @2.27GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 and 24 Gig RAM. I’m running pix4dpro demo and trying to build models. I’m using the high setting with around 500 images but my PC cpu temp warning keeps going off after about 5 or 6 hours (about 50% through initial processing).

Any thoughts as this is killing me!

Liquid cooling and/or lower the air conditioning in the room.  Taking the covers off the case will help and look at setting up a separate box fan on the floor blowing air into the system.  It is all about making the air cooler and higher flow.

On a side note, for building detailed and accurate models (vs survey maps), your hardware is pretty old…


You could also have significant dust buildup in the heatsinks if its an older system - cleaning this stuff out can make a difference.  Also second Adam’s suggestion about removing the access covers and running a fan to blow cooler air into the system.

While the hardware is older (clock speed on the CPU’s is on the low side), I would think it should still work OK, just takes longer.


Thanks guys. A friend advised the same reopening the case, blowing out dust and just using a regular fan to assist cooling. Bought some new thermal paste to reseat the radiators as well. Hopefully moving up to a triple GPU threadripper system soon so with some luck that will speed things up no end!