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GSD and "measure points" per square meter

I have tried Pix4D for volume measurements. And it works great.

But I like to understand how many “measuring points” I get per square meter with a given GSD. 

Lets say that the GSD is 4cm.

I think this is the answer: 

100/4=25 (100cm/GSD=measuring points per meter)

25x25=625 (measuring points per meter x measuring points per meter = measuring points per m2)

With a GSD of 4 cm I would get 625 measuring points per m2 when I do a volume calculation. Correct?


Hello Anders, 

You are correct!  Just make sure in your calculations to take into account the DSM is 1xGSD since the volume measurements are based on the DSM. 

Here you can check how the volumes are calculated:

Best Regards,