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GPU Support: OpenCL


I see that Nvidia CUDA is currently supported, but I cannot justify buying a new video card for my workstation because of one program.  The rest of the intensive workstation applications have support for OpenCL, including Adobe products which formerly benefited by CUDA cores only.  

Does Pix4D have plans to integrate OpenCL soon?  If not, it leaves Agisoft as the provider with OpenCL support that “futureproofs” against Nvidia’s proprietary CUDA.

Any response of any kind from Pix4D staff or those who have asked this question and have direct response from Pix4D is appreciated.  


Dear Ruwan,

Indeed, at the moment Pix4Dmapper does not support Open CL and it is not planned for the near future. 
We have added your suggestion to our suggestion list and hopefully it will be implemented in a future version of Pix4Dmapper.

Best regards,


One year later, does Pix4D still have no plans to integrate OpenCL? It would be nice to be able to use Radeon cards at their full potential, plus, open standards are great against proprietary ones in my opinion… it gives more options to the user.


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Hi Jean-François,

OpenCL is not on the development roadmap for the moment.

For people that would be interested in such an option, feel free to upvote the initial post to give more weight to it. 

I also would like to see support for OpenCL, as all graphics cards will benefit from this.  

So… hows the open CL coming along?  Is PIX 4D paid by NVIDIA? ??? Vega 64 has some serious compute…our business has 10x high end x2 GPU VEGA workstations  of them… if we cannot secure open CL we may use another program…  please advise on your roadmap and also advise what perf ratio one gets form CUDA VS CPU?

Hi all,

Yes, indeed supporting OpenCL seems to be reasonable as it can run almost on all GPUs while CUDA works only on NVIDIA cards but besides that, there are not many advantages of it and 65% of our users are working with NVIDIA cards. But let me give you more insights into this topic.

As for now, OpenCL is not well supported and easy to program and the development on it isn’t that active as on CUDA. NVIDIA has incorporated a lot of changes in CUDA to support their latest architectures, which you will miss with the OpenCL. The reason that OpenCL initiative is inert, might be that the companies are starting to be heavy competitors so they don’t want to agree on any standards. Also Apple deprecated support for OpenCL. So the continuation of OpenCL seems to be a question mark.

CUDA is more developer friendly (has better tooling side and the trust libraries) what matters if there is a threat that using OpenCL we can end up with something not optimized for any of the GPUs. NVIDIA has most of the market share among GPU providers and we have recommended NVIDIA so far because of our CUDA implementation within the software.

About CUDA, CPU ratio and more details on which algorithms have CUDA versions and what performances to expect I would need to check with other teams so right now I can’t give you any reliable statistics. 

So there is a question what about other 35% of people who are only able to use the CPU when computing the models as still is a number. What I can say is that our team is aware of this situation and we will consider what we can do about it in our future developments and solutions. 

What I can do for you is to speak with them on your behalf so any suggestions and your opinion is very welcome as this discussion is still ongoing :wink:

That would be great! Agisoft Photoscan aka now Metasoft support both…AMD recently dropped opencl spir in light of spirv - they were really quick to implement the fix into a new version… so i dont think its too much of a limitation of opencl perhaps more company direction/hesitation. AMD’s market share is increasing with threadripper, ryzen GPU navi Vega compute GPUs - so it wouldnt be wise in my opinion to put all ‘your eggs into’ the nvidia basket alone. Fp64 and 32 performance from AMD exceeds nvidia apples to apples… on compute level or atleast matches there quadro range from consumer to professional…we will revisit this product in a year if opencl is some what available - but for now have gone with Agisoft metasoft photoscan pro…thanks anyway for your help :P 

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I’ve upvoted the post! Please consider implementing something that allows for computation on AMD cards in the future. Some of your customers are fortunate enough to have a GTX / RTX / Quadro-equipped workstation, but you should consider supporting ALL major graphics card producers, especially those with growing market-share and more processing power per dollar.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for writing to us here.

I shared your feedback with our Teams.

Let’s see what the future brings!


Yup been waiting a few years now…let me know if your developers need openCl coding help - we worked with AMD Agisoft Metashape so …dont be shy to ask for help…2 years is a long time to learn about openCL… we are working on other cool tech on the drone itself…good luck working with Cuda on a drone lol

I am also looking to utilise AMD GPUs.

Sli or crossfire support is also be desired.