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gps position


tell me if we placed gcp in correct position. we placed gcp about 250 meter interval, yellow color represents flight plan, our project is about wideing of road.

the problem is accuracy of level on is better but off road its worst, please give a suggestion.

Hi Mohan

Is this really the correct place to post your “gps position” issue?

Please look at the forum rules:

The  Important communication  topic is where Pix4D informs the community about changes related to Pix4D products as well as the technical support activities such as new videos, articles, workshops and more.

Thank you

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hey reto weiss’



@Reto: Thanks for pointing out the rules. 

@Mohan: Another rule is to not create several times the same post. You seem to have created another post with the same content here. Therefore I will close this post to comments. Please make sure to only create one post per question. If you cannot find the post anymore, you can click on your profile in the top right corner of the support page and click “My profile”. All posts should be listed there. Thank you.

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