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GPS/GCPs - Phantom DJI 3 Professional

Question: How do you do this?

What do I need to do and how many GCPs do I need. Is there a good instructional video on how to conduct this topology study correctly, with regards to engineering & surveying?


Background: I have in possession a Phantom 3 Professional DJI drone

I have the computer hardware and surveying grade gear (GNSS leica smartnet receivers for GCPs) to do this.

I want to get a good map going of this and get results and I want them to be on HARN (High Acccuracy Reference Network - State Plane Coordinate System: Central) or with some mention of what vertical datum it is using NAVD88 or whatever. Also, is there a way to post the post-processed images (3d model) to google earth while we’re answering all these questions?


Thanks in advance,




In a area of 500’ by 1500’ (Topo survey of 2 buildings) I used 12 GCP because of the requirement for elevations. If elevations weren’t the case, I would use 4-6 GCP to make sure horizontally I was tight.

I also run a Phantom 3 Professional.( Make sure you have a lot of batteries)

I run a Hyper SR or if my field crew is close to my GCP, I have them collect them with our Leica Total Station.

Once you load the images, on the next page you can select your Output Coordinate System. If you select FT it will automatically find the State Place Coordinate System corresponding to your images. The Datum will be found from the images EXIF file.

Once you have loaded the images into a project, before processing you select “Processing Options” either on the bottom left corner or under the tab Process. Once in that window, under step 3 you will be able to select “Google Maps Tiles and KML” as an additional output.

If you have anymore questions I will gladly answer.