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GIS: Grave Information Systems

Death is a logistical issue. That’s why cemeteries around the world are being mapped with drones and bespoke GIS platforms.

A GIS, or geographic information system, is designed to capture, store, and manage geographic data. A grave information system could be said to do the same for the dead.

Innovative teams around the world are creating grave information systems, overlaying data captured with Pix4D onto cemetery plots to create detailed, layered information about final resting places.

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Thanks for the article reposting - Mapping cemeteries is something that I am passionate about and actually enjoy my time on site undertaking the tasks required to produce a good output for use for the community.


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Thank you for your kind message, Blair!

And thanks a lot for your huge contribution to the blogpost.
Feel free to contact us if you have more exciting stories to share.