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Geolocation error when using smartphone

I’m trying to model a car using Pix4D but i always get the same error saying the geolocation of the pictures is the same for more than 80% of them. I have tried using a smartphone for the photos, as well as a normal camera.
Is it possible to do this?

Hello @tdfreire24,

This is the expected behavior. As the accuracy of the GPS on the phone is not good, so if you move slightly it will record it as the same coordinate, that is the reason 80% of your picture has the same geolocation value. You can just skip the warning and continue processing. You should be able to generate the 3D model with those images.

I would also recommend you to try our new app Pix4Dcatch used for terrestrial scanning. However, you would need the iOS device and valid Pix4Dmapper license to process the images. For more information, go to our support article on Pix4Dcatch - FAQ.


Thanks for the fast answer but even if i continue the processing after the warning the program only selects 4 images out of 30+ images, and doesn’t deliver the model.

After you continue, all the images should be taken into consideration while processing. Can you go to your Image Properties Editor and verify it. Can you also forward me the screenshot of that page?