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Geo tagged photos not mapping the water areas

Hi I’m doing a coastal survey and it seems when the drone is too far out in the ocean it’s geotagging the photos but not stitching it onto the map I need a sufficient amount of the offshore data, at least 500 feet to conduct an accurate survey of the coastal erosion.

is there any solution to make sure these geo tagged photos are included in the FINAL export.

i increased the overlap to its full capacity already.  need a solution to this.


Aircraft: inspire 1 

Computer :  Mac Pro 



Hi Ravin,

It is very difficult to map water areas.

It is very hard for the software to find key points and even if it finds them, they cannot be matched as the water is constantly moving.

What usually happens is that photos which contain a lot of water area are not calibrated and therefore they are not used for the final orthomosaic and DSM. The recommendation is to have at least 30% of land on each photo so that the software can match those areas and calibrate. Flying higher is usually the best solution to guarantee that percentage of land.

More information can be found here.