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Geo-locate yourself on site in Pix4D Cloud (use current location)

It would be an amazing feature to be able to use your device’s current location and visually see where you are at on site when viewing the project in Pix4D Cloud.

Now that there are overlays (particularly in the BIM platform) it would be extremely helpful to be able to see where you’re physically at when on site. When we travel to a new site before construction has started we have the ability to see the plans overlayed onto the site, but it still can be hard to tell where you are standing. It is a widely requested technology among several other platforms and Pix could be the ground-breaker when it comes to that.

It’s even super helpful during construction to be able to see where you are for a feature that hasn’t been constructed yet.

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Hi Tylor,


Thank you for the feedback. Keep it coming!

Regarding this feature, we have received a few requests for it and we are in fact evaluating it at the moment. Keep an eye out for new releases.



Hugo Campos

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