GCPs assumed location by Pix4DMapper is incorrect.

Good afternoon,
I have been Pix4D Mapper for quite some time now and recently, I have come across an issue which is affecting the accuracy of the models.

While using GCP data provided by a surveyor, the Blue circle with a blue dot (Which shows the assumed location based on the Lat-Long) is not at the same location as the manual markings done by the user.
The model I am working is a site which we provide solutions for on a monthly basis. I have not faced this issue before while processing the same model from a previous date.
Also the GCP data has been the same throughout.


The images attached show the yellow cross which represents the manually marked GCP point by user and the Blue circle is the assumed location by the software.
I have also attached the quality report for your reference.

It would be amazing if someone could give me some insight on why this is happening as my models’ accuracy is at stake and accuracy of the models is a top priority for the company.

P.S - I believe it has to do something with the drone as the survey data has been used before and never faced such issues.
Drone used - Phantom RTK (Distortion correction turned off)

Kind regards,

Intellion Park processed 06-10-22_report.pdf (1.3 MB)