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gcp error


I had completed my initial process with Alternative calibration method. After completion of it, while importing GCP into the project there is a shift between tie point and GCP point. While i’m trying to mark the point it doesn’t shows the calibrated images. It only shows the uncalibrated images for each every point.

What may be the reason for it.? Give me a solution for it.

Here I have attached the Snaps,



If you have issues to mark the GCPs in the rayCloud because of vertical shift, click here

To clarify, the images that are saved on the drone’s SD card are geotagged by DJI. Lat./Long. coordinates are reliable in the image EXIF, however, there might be some inaccuracies for the altitude depending on the location where you are mapping. We made testing in our office here and we found that the vertical coordinate is off by several meters that can reach an error of 100 meters. Some users noticed the same. Note that this is just an offset meaning that within the model, the accuracy is not affected, only the absolute location is. 

As a consequence, we always recommend processing with ground control points (GCPs) in order to fix these uncertainties.