Forensic - accident reconstruction

Hi there, 

This project shows a reconstruction of a fake accident scene which was built for training purposes. The dataset is available 

Here is the link to the project on Pix4D Cloud: 

A screenshot from the orthomosaic:

And from the 3D model: 

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Hi Pierangelo,

I am very interested in this application.  I’d be pleased to learn more about the workflow if you hear of anything.  I have also downloaded the whitepaper related to this project.

Thank you,

Dave Pitman

Hi Dave, 

These articles from the Pix4D blog about forensic use cases might be interesting for you: 

Is there a specific use case you’d like to discuss? What part of the workflow would you like to better understand? 

I can try to help out or also put you in touch with people that have more experience working on such topics. Let me know. 


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Is this dataset still available- the link doesn’t work ?

Dear John, 

The dataset can be downloaded from this page:

Direct link for downloading:


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John, unfortunately I don’t have the original dataset from the post, but Marco posted the link to a similar one. 

Have you done similar work? Or looking to do so in the future?

Hello, I am an accident reconstructionist and have been using pix4d for the last month. We have been pairing it with FARO zone 3d. We have realized that the point clouds that we import from pix4d vastly decrease in quality when imported. Has anyone had succes with any other accident reconstruction software.